1. Can system harm my website?

    No - but large number of links indexed in short time can be harmfull for Your website. We advise to use 10-500 links/per domain/monthly.
  2. How long do I have to wait for results?

    REGULAR: Usually after 20-30 days from 100% progress You should see that most of Your links are in Google index. Final result is after 30 days. Some fluctuations are normal.
  3. My link was not indexed what is the reason?

    It's hard to say but factors that might decrase chance for indexation are:
    - duplicate content
    - to many external links
    - domain is flagged by Google as some spammy domains index doesn't change no matter what You do
    - HTTP errors on indexed site: 404, 500
  4. How to prepare links for indexation ?

    One of the method is to use free tool provided by Scrapebox Team Free link checker . Before indexing link verify if Your link exist and can be read by Google Bot
  5. When my links reach 100% progress?

    It can take up to 7 days to 100% finish indexation process by our system
  6. I've deleted my upload but limit is the same

    You can delete upload within 10 minutes from upload to save limit. After that links are queued in our parallel indexing system and they will be indexed anyway - You can't delete them and save limit.
  7. Do you offer refunds?

    No, we don't offer refunds.
  8. How can I cancel subscription?

    You can cancel directly at Yours Paypal account - https://www.paypal.com/en/smarthelp/article/how-to-cancel-a-subscription-or-other-automatic-payments-faq2254
  9. What is yours guaranteed indexing rate?

    There is no any guarantee that yours links will be indexed. There are many individual factors on which indexing depends. We do our best to index your links.